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Industrial Air Control Resources

Please see the links below for helpful industry resources.

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NFPA 652 standard on fundamentals of combustible dust

The completion of dust hazard analysis (DHA) for existing processes and facility compartments deadline is now September 7, 2020. NFPA 652 also requires that the DHA be reviewed and updated every 5 years.

This article contains revised general requirements for managing combustible dust fire and explosion hazards and new references to the latest editions of NFPA’s appropriate industry- or commodity-specific standards.

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Combustible Dust: An Explosion Hazard

A list of Federal OSHA standards. They include provisions that address certain aspects of combustible dust hazards. Some are industry-wide and others and industry-specific.

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OSHA's Hexavalent Chromium Handbook

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OSHA Fact Sheet - Working Safely with Nanomaterials

This fact sheet provides basic information and highlights measures to control exposure to nanomaterials in the workplace.

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Energy Savings Calculator

The ICAN Recirculation Energy Savings Calculators provide approximations of the cost of replacing tempered air, based on major factors including recorded geographical temperature patterns and customary energy efficiency standards. © 2003 ICAN

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Focus on Energy

Focus on Energy has helped over 330,000 WI residents and businesses use energy smarter.

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Section 179 Deductions

Most people think the Section 179 deduction is some mysterious or complicated tax code. Click to learn more!

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