Industrial Source Capture Arms


Extractor arms provide excellent source capture of a wide variety of contaminants, including dust, fumes, mist, composite dust, fiberglass dust, marble dust, plastic dust, and solder and welding smoke.


Extractor Arms from Hastings Air Energy Control are easy to move, easy to position, and remain in position until moved again. The arm mechanism is outside the air stream, providing obstruction-free air flow. Our extractor arms are virtually maintenance-free and, when not in use, fold compactly for minimum storage space. In addition, the hose is made of the specially designed thermoplastic rubber matrix and has high resistance to weld sparks and grinding embers. Dust/fume extractors can be installed with blowers to exhaust contaminants, or the arms can also be integrated into a central air filtration system.

Our broad line of user-friendly source capture arms and welding extract arms include a range of sizes for all kinds of industrial operations, from an 8-inch diameter down to the 2.5" precision Extractor Arm. Arms are also available in stainless steel for process-critical applications where wash downs and corrosive environments are common.

Typical Processes

Hastings Air Energy has installed extractor arms for many types of industrial processes, including grinding, mixing operations, soldering, welding, brazing, machining, chemical labs, and pharmaceutical labs.

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