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Weld fume extraction at the source. FumeVac’s revolutionary high pressure/high capacity systems are the most effective way to protect welders from the serious threats caused by Hexavalent Chromium, Manganese and other harmful contaminants present during the welding process. When you contain and remove weld fume at its source you protect yourself and your welders; you get peace of mind.

Download our FREE white paper today - our sampling study documents successful compliance with the much lower ACGIH 0.02 mg/m3 manganese oxide recommendation.

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ErgoMax™ MIG Guns

FumeVac ErgoMax™ MIG Guns are Efficient and Effective Solutions for Weld Fume Source Capture.
Hastings Air Energy proudly provides the FumeVac ErgoMax lightweight, durable MIG gun offers the highest volume throughput of any other competing guns. No other gun on the market removes weld fume as efficiently and effectively.

Portable Fume Extractors

Hastings Air proudly provides FumeVac™ Portable Fume Extractors. These are Efficient and Versatile Solutions for Dust and Fume Source Capture.
Portable fume extractors are the most efficient and versatile solution for fume and dust source capture when central vacuum systems cannot be used or are too expensive.

Mobile Weld Fume Extraction: FV-225-3

FumeVac™ by IVEC Systems, the FV-225-3 Offers the Most Options for Dust and Fume Control.
Hastings Air Energy proudly supplies the FV-225-3 which can either be used as a mobile unit or as a vacuum source for a small network. The unit offers welding fume extraction with MIG guns. 

2-in-1 Weld Fume Extraction: FV-500-20

FumeVac™ by IVEC Systems, the FV-500-20 Offers Lean Solution to Dust and Welding Fume Extraction.
Hastings Air proudly supplies the FV-500-20 model that combines the functionalities of both a traditional vacuum and a dust collector into a compact 2-in-1 indoor floor level unit.

Hastings offers leading-edge technology for your weld fume removal. Whether a new system or a retrofit, Hastings source capture systems will remove weld fume unlike any other source capture weld gun in the industry. View a brief video showing before & after results.

Emerging Technology Equipment from FumeVac by IVEC Systems:

  • Removal of weld fume from the torch
  • High-efficiency filtration — 99.97%
  • Ergonomic and comfortable — welders will use it
  • A portable unit that creates the flow required
  • Central systems available for multiple torches
  • Energy saving controls to perform on demand system(s)
  • Service and Parts

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