Vehicle Exhaust Removal - Hoses & Nozzles


Hastings Air Energy Control equips all types of vehicle exhaust systems with a hose that is both durable and flexible; hoses are manufactured of high-quality materials that are both temperature and chemical resistant as well as light-weight for easy maneuverability. Hoses are available in diameters of 3” to 6” and include the following categories:

  • Crush-resistant (+300F)
  • AutoFlex (+390F)
  • Truck Flex (+600F)
  • DynoFlex (+1200F)


Fitting a broad range of vehicle exhaust pipes, nozzles from Hastings Air Energy Control are manufactured of high-temperature resistant rubber and feature 30 different designs with or without a damper. Nozzles may be fitted to single or dual exhaust pipes. Available types include:

  • The 100% compressed air sealed “Grabber”
  • The friction sealed REN nozzle
  • The REC nozzle, equipped with a spring clip
  • The REG nozzle, equipped with a vice grip
  • The MEN high-temp nozzle
  • A twist-lock standard tailpipe connector
  • Oval connector with toggle clamp and CO2 port

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