Industrial Vehicle Exhaust Hose Reels

Hose reels provide easy accessibility as well as compact storage. Hastings Air Energy Control has available both spring-operated and motorized exhaust host reels.


A cost-effective, simple solution for vehicle exhaust needs, the spring-operated reel works according to the roller blind principle. When needed, pull out the hose, and it locks in the desired position. Pull again, and the hose rewinds on its drum, compactly stored out of the way when not being used. Reels may be mounted on ceilings or walls convenient to each working station, and are ideal for the general service shop where workers can easily reach the hose.


In facilities with high ceilings and/or where over-head cranes are in use, the power-driven exhaust hose reel is an ideal solution for accessibility and flexibility. The motorized hose reel is mounted out of the way but is still easily accessed using a choice of a wall-mounted control, free-hanging key-set, or radio control. Our standard motorized reel is cost-effective for use in most car workshop applications, featuring a single-phase power supply, simple wiring, and low weight. The hose is fully retracted to the drum, leaving no obstruction to traffic in the workshop.

Hastings Air Energy Control also provides a heavy-duty exhaust hose reel powered by an electrical high-torque motor ideal for truck and bus maintenance facilities.

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