Manufacturing Curtain Walls

Hastings Air Energy Control offers a full line of curtain walls and accessories for industrial and commercial needs, including screens and industrial partitions, USDA grade curtain wall for food processing needs, and roll-up doors.

Curtain Walls & Partitions


Curtains are available in a range of colors and in sizes from 6’ to 60’ tall. Hastings Air Energy Control supplies weld view curtain, privacy screens, noise control acoustic curtain, bug-blocking mesh curtain, contaminant control curtain, fire-retardant curtain, and curtain for creating separate workstations. The weld view curtain blocks 100% of the UV light and is also fire-retardant.

USDA Grade Curtain

Hastings Air Energy Control provides curtains for wash-down, prevention of cross-contamination between process lines, and improvement of plant sanitation. Curtains are constructed of bacterial-resistant PVC material and may be custom sized to meet any cleaning or sanitation requirement.

Roll-Up Doors

Vinyl roll-up doors can provide climate control, increased privacy and security, added contaminant control, and reduction of noise from adjacent areas. Hastings Air Energy Control offers a wide selection of doors with a manual roll-up, spring-assisted roll-up, or motorized (with wireless controls available). Mesh roll-up doors allow ventilation while keeping out pests such as flies, mosquitoes, bees, wasps, or birds. Bug-blocking mesh also provides a 65% shade factor, keeping non-air-conditioned plant spaces cooler.

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