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Baghouse Dust Collectors


Baghouse dust collection products provide excellent performance for heavy dust-loading operations involving fine to moderately sized dust, including tough to handle particulates, such as curly, sticky, or abrasive particles of wood or metal shavings, hydroscopic dust, or paper shreds.


Our baghouse dust collectors offer continuous-duty performance for uninterrupted operation of industrial processes. While the collector is running, the self-cleaning system delivers dust from the filter bag to the hopper, allowing the collector to maintain constant airflow and consistent performance. With filter velocities from 3 to 15 FPM, and standard sizes ranging from 300 to 25,000 CFM, Hastings Air Energy offers baghouse dust collectors to meet all types of industrial needs. In addition, dust collectors may be custom sized and equipped for special applications.

Typical Processes

Baghouse dust collectors provide effective performance for industrial operations such as sanding, chipping, planning, bailing, processing, blasting, and cutting.

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