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Wet Downdraft Tables


For many industrial processes involving potentially hazardous contaminants or heavy sparks, the safest collector is a downdraft table with an integral wet dust collector, which immediately wets the volatile dust and sparks by drawing them directly into the water.


Hydrotron wet downdraft tables from Hastings Air Energy Control may be completely customized to fit the needs of the application, including choice of dimensions, and optional containment enclosure, lighting, and re-gain air. Tables may be single workstation or double (back-to-back). In single-station tables, Hastings Air Energy Control provides the latest technology, with all service and controls on the front, providing for easy clean-out, and allowing the table to be placed against the wall to conserve floor space.

Typical Processes

Hydrotron wet dust collector tables are used in the aircraft components industry, by manufacturers of electrical enclosures, and in industries such as milling and refining, chemical, rubber, plastics, ceramics, and foundries. For more information on our wet downdraft tables or combustible dust collection contact us. 

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