Industrial Laboratory Downdraft Tables


Fine detail work requires a user-friendly environment and, often, significant spatial constraints. A laboratory downdraft table meets these needs with robust performance in a convenient size. Totally self-contained, these units can be placed where they are needed and require no ducting. They are useful for the collection of dust, smoke, fume, and powders.


An ergonomic, self contained, operator-oriented work station enables a seated operator to work over the downdraft area; rather than standing as typical tables require. A powerful, quiet blower efficiently draws dust, smoke, fumes and powder away from the operator's breathing zone and a spacious work surface allows for unobstructed handling and processing. Filter efficiency can be adjusted to address a variety of application requirements.

Typical Processes

Our laboratory downdraft tables provide dust collection for dental appliance/denture finishing, inspection and QC/QA, prosthetics finishing, medical device manufacturing, jewelry polishing and soldering, powder processing, small parts surface finishing, chemical processing, art labs, detail finishing in museums and small model making.

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