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50 Years of Hastings

Snapshot of Hastings' History

A history of hard work, family, and innovation

Fifty years ago, a legacy began. Rooted in the notion of hard work and family it has since branched out with the aim to improve the health and lives of manufacturers through clean, breathable air. 

In 1969, Walter Bohrer, Jr., president of Eagle Enterprises, purchased Hastings Distributing Company, which owned several routes providing and servicing jukeboxes and pool tables. Mr. Bohrer brought with him new sales potential in the form of Frigidaire Ice Makers and other distributorships. Hastings had become one of the largest operators in the greater Milwaukee area.

Never one to shy away from opportunity, Mr. Bohrer noticed a need for clean air in the establishments they already serviced. Hastings Air Energy Control was born. Hastings Distributing Company now had two divisions–coin operation and Air Energy Control. It wasn’t until 1997, when the family business was sold to the five brothers–David, Michael, Daniel, Dennis, and DuWayne–that the coin-op division would be sold. The sale allowed Hastings to focus all attention on commercial and industrial air cleaning solutions.

Today, Hastings Air Energy Control is a division of the Air Quality Group (AQG), which includes IVEC Systems, FumeVac, and Applied Air Systems. We are continually striving to provide the most effective and innovative air cleaning solutions that fit your needs. 

Even though technology has changed, the core values of Hastings have not. 

Corporate Headquarters

5555 S. Westridge Drive
New Berlin, Wisconsin 53151

Phone: 262.364.0500
Toll Free: 800.236.8450
Fax: 800.260.9199

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