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New Case Study published in Industrial Safety & Hygiene News, November 2017  -- "Reducing smoke & weld fume - How a metal fabricator improved air quality & reduced fire risk". Hastings' Paul Baumgartner designed a non-ducted ambient system which has a smaller footprint, requires very little maintenance and reduced weld fume by 82-percent for his client, Wenthe-David ...

--  This story was recently featured in Hastings Air Energy Control Inc. has a long history of educating welders and factories about the dangers inherent in welding and the necessity for clean air in welding operations. Our company recently presented the Welding Pavilion at the Wisconsin Manufacturing & Technology Show. The pavilion featured a welding com ...

Problem: Excessive weld fume in large (600 x 125 x 60 and 600 x 85 x 60) weld shops. Situation: Joy Global was concerned that the excessive weld fume and grinding dust might be an employee safety issue, raise concerns about quality, or create a negative perception for prospects and clients. Alternatives: Joy Global was considering A) Source capture systems, B) General ventila ...

An animation of a fire station using a Pneumatic Grabber of Plymovent for the extraction of hazardous diesel exhaust gases. It disconnects automatically upon leaving the fire station. An animation of a fire station using a Plymovent exhaust extraction system including a Magnetic Grabber, for the extraction of hazardous diesel exhaust gases.   ...

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